What others say about the program



“Nicole’s 4-week introduction to mindfulness course allowed me to learn about myself, and most importantly, gave me permission to pause and take time to ‘smell the roses’, something so simple that I often forget to do, but something key to each of my own sense of mindfulness and wellbeing.” 

Denise G. - 'Finding Calm' participant


"Taking the MBSR course with Nicole gave me an opportunity to slow down and reflect on my everyday experiences. I learned grounding techniques and awareness skills that incorporate meditation, yoga and present moment thinking/being to better relate to my personal stress, anxiety and self esteem. 

Nicole's approach is clear, concise and and supportive. She makes herself available for questions and extra support if needed. She delivers a beautiful balance between sharing and doing that is presented in a safe and supportive environment. I would recommend MBSR to anyone interested in becoming more in touch with who they are while building skills to effectively manage, prosper and grow despite life's challenges. 

Lastly, Nicole's passion for teaching and love of the MBSR philosophy make her the ideal educator."

Nina F. - MBSR graduate


"Taking MSBR instructed by Nicole Flinterman was an exceptional experience. Nicole’s approach to teaching lets the student draw their own conclusions from the lessons taught in MBSR while gently guiding participants inward to be a part of their experience. The homework for MBSR is challenging and Nicole’s encouragement around introducing mindfulness and meditation into one’s daily life was very motivating. She was supportive of each person’s different process and allowed an open format of discussion during class so that all participants could share their experience and learn from each other as well as from the teachings MBSR instills.

Going into the class I was seeking a way to feel more centered in my daily life. While I have meditated before on a daily basis in the past, I had come away from that path and needed help re-centering and moving forward. I found the 8 week course to be a great help as it gave me time to reintroduce meditation to my schedule as well as giving me time to really cultivate the habit of mindfulness into my actions. Giving myself the time and space to step back and breathe before reacting in any situation has had a powerful impact on my life and communications with others and decreased my stress levels. I believe anyone could benefit from MBSR, regardless of prior knowledge of mindfulness or meditation experience, the structure of the program is great for those just embarking on a journey or those that are revisiting that path."

-Codi F. - MBSR graduate



“Nicole's instruction and her patient and supportive presence during class was exactly what I needed and had hoped for as I embarked on a new journey.  I so much enjoyed and benefitted from her direct and indirect support during the sessions and outside of class.  She always made time for me, worked with me personally and with my unique personality, and helped me feel my way into new and exciting growth.  Her charm and levity spirited the class time along and the group gelled quickly in turn.  I am changed forever due to her guidance and effort in supporting my own my effort and belief in myself. “

Paul B. - MBSR graduate


"I really enjoyed the process and experience. I came in skeptical and left wanting to practice for the rest of my life!”. 

Fred C. - MBSR graduate