Mindfulness training in Leiden

At Unfolding Mindfulness you’re welcome if you are looking for mindfulness training in Leiden. As an experienced trainer, I provide individual and group training which gives you more balance in the life that you live. In this way, you will not only experience more happiness but also a good balance to enjoy life in a more pleasant way. Therefore, I will be glad to help you if you are looking for mindfulness training in Leiden.

Leading a relaxed life that is free of stress is not always as easy as it seems. Our daily routine is often overcrowded and we also have to deal with all kinds of external influences. If you can’t find enough time to be able to relax, this can result in both physical and mental complaints. You can’t fully enjoy the life that you are living, but you work yourself through a fixed pattern every day.

We often let ourselves be guided by our thoughts. When we do so, we forget to enjoy the moment or situation that we are in. Also, an unpleasant situation at work or problems in the relational sphere can cause mental or emotional imbalance. Feeling overwhelmed by life and losing contact with your inner self causes also imbalance and unhappy feelings. You run through the day on the autopilot. If you recognise yourself in this we are happy to help you out with mindfulness lessons in Leiden.


Mindfulness lessons in Leiden

Mindfulness in Wassenaar or Leiden allows you to get more out of the life you lead. With the help of mindfulness, you will experience more control over your daily rhythm. In that way, you can make your own choices again out of the connection with yourself. The improvement of the connection through mindfulness also applies to the people in your immediate environment. Your body and mind experience less stress and tensions. You learn how to deal better with changes or other problems in life.

The mindfulness lessons in Leiden enables you to look at the world with a different vision. This positive mindset increases your well-being, personal performance and concentration. You learn how to make better choices for yourself. This will not only make you feel better, but you also experience a good mental balance and more joy in life. Mindfulness in Den Haag is happy to give you the support you need.

You can take part in the mindfulness lesson as well in a group or individually. The mindfulness training in Leiden fits your personal needs and struggles. Mindfulness training in a group setting is also a possibility. On forehand, you will get a personal schedule so that I can always provide you with the mindfulness training you need. Feel free to contact me if you want more information about mindfulness in Leiden.


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