individual Mindfulness

Sometimes it just does not work to join a group. 

  • your work schedule is too irregular and does not allow you to commit to a fixed time every week.

  • you have physical limitations

  • there are other personal reasons why it is not beneficial for you to be in a group. 

But you would still like to address issues such as:

  • work stress or burnout

  • concentration problems, fatigue, forgetfulness

  • insecurity, lack of self confidence, perfectionism, fear of failure

  • rumination, negative thinking

  • insomnia

  • headaches, chronic pain or other physical difficulties

  • loneliness, loss or sadness

  • anger issues or frequent conflicts with others


There are several options if you would like to do individual mindfulness.

  • The evidence based program of iMBCT, which is an 8-week program where you meet one hour every week.

  • Individual Mindfulness sessions. We will discuss first what your issues are and determine the amount of sessions that will allow you to learn the basics of mindfulness and how you can bring it into your daily life. 


iMBCT is an evidence based training that consists of 8 weekly sessions of an hour long. In that way it is similar to the build up of the MBSR group program. It has a few advantages over the group program:

  • planning flexibility

  • more personal attention

  • free from the group distractions

  • be more yourself

  • shorter session to easier to achieve physically

During this program, we will focus on learning the skill of mindfulness through experience. This is not talk therapy. Each session includes practices of mediation, mindful movement, and sharing about the experiences. MBCT is partially based on MBSR. During this training, there will be some cognitive exercises to learn specifically to deal with negative thoughts and rumination. As with the group training, you will also receive daily home practice assignments. This is a crucial part of the learning. So just as with MBSR, this individual program will ask your commitment. 

iMBCT is the protocol of individual Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapie from M. Schroevers and J. Fleer from the Medical University of Groningen (UMCG), Netherlands. Their protocol is based on the MBCT training as created by J. Teasdale, Z. Segal and M. Williams. iMBCT has has shown improvement in well-being, anxiety, depression and diabetes-related distress*.


Not being able to join a group does not have to stop you from learning how mindfulness can become part of your everyday life. If this is for you the situation, the individual mindfulness might be something for you. This individual mindfulness program allows you to schedule it in a time that is convenient to you. And because it is one on one, you simply get more attention. 

Ultimately, mindfulness is a practice that you have to do yourself, day by day. Having the support through individual sessions can give you the encouragement and motivation to develop your discipline. 

During the individual sessions, you will be introduced to similar themes as they are taught during the evidence based Mindfulness based Stress Reduction program. Depending on the number of sessions we do, the specific content may vary.

The sessions can be held in one of the locations in either Leiden or Oegstgeest. It is also an option to hold the sessions at your office if there is a suitable space.

Get in touch

To begin, send me a message through the contact from or email me. I will come get back to you to schedule an intake interview. During the interview we will discuss what your issues are, what you want to achieve with learning mindfulness and what your best options are. This is also an opportunity to get to know me and decide if we have the right ‘click. We will together decide what is the right thing for you at this moment of your life. Often between 6 - 10 sessions is enough. 

In the program the following is included:

  • workbook

  • recordings of guided meditations

  • free attendance of all day retreat from any 8-week MBSR program led by Nicole

Nicole’s instruction and her patient and supportive presence during class was exactly what I needed and had hoped for as I embarked on a new journey.
— Paul B.
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When you pay personally* - €699 (incl. BTW).

When your employer pays - €999 (incl. BTW).

There are more and more employers that will cover the cost of a mindfulness training under stress reduction or vitality training.

* Your health insurance sometimes covers a mindfulness training, you can check on ‘’. There is an English section.

Individual Mindfulness Sessions

Session last for one hour and are €85 per hour

* Tovote KA, Fleer J, Snippe E, et al. Individual mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and cognitive behavior therapy for treating depressive symptoms in patients with diabetes: results of a randomized controlled trial. Diabetes Care 2014;37:2427–2434